What is mobile phone Essay For primary Class

What is mobile phone Essay For primary Class

  1. A mobile phone is a small device used to communicate over long distances.
  2. It is an electronic device.
  3. Mobile phones use radio waves to communicate.
  4. The three categories of mobile phones are basic phones, feature phones and smartphones.
  5. Mobile phones are very advantageous. They are useful in education. Mobile phones provide an opportunity to look up information and do researches.
  6. Mobile phones are useful to communicate with friends and family anywhere in the world.
  7. They work like a computer calculator and camera. We can succeed in our business by using mobile phones.
  8. In today’s world mobiles are the popular way of entertainment..

Mobile phone Advantages and disadvantages

Introduction: Mobile Phone is a device

gainly used for a voice call. Nowadays,

mobile phones are also used for SMS,

internet browsing, playing video games,

photography, sending emails and a lot

more things.

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