Village Life In Dera Ghazi Khan Punjab Pakistan

Village Life In Dera Ghazi Khan Punjab Pakistan

Dera Ghazi Khan is a city of Punjab province which is the biggest province of Pakistan. Dera Ghazi Khan consists of 80% of rural area. 20% area will be the city of Dera Ghazi Khan. Dera Ghazi Khan’s total area is not very big area Pakistan. Dera Ghazi Khan is situated in Southern Punjab Pakistan.


Dera Ghazi Khan Village Life

Eighty percent area of Dera Ghazi Khan is rural area. There are many villages. In these villages old traditions are common. All these villages are very famous. Dera Ghazi Khan is available in the centre of Pakistan. This total area is like other areas of Pakistan.


People in Dera Ghazi Khan

In Dera Ghazi Khan people are simple. There people are hospitable. They respect everyone who comes to them. They apparel simple clothes. They are famous in hospitality. They take care of their guests. They help each other in difficulty.


Famous Foods In the Village of Dera Ghazi Khan

There people eat saag with full enthusiasm. This is the free dish for them. It is very famous in this village. This dish is available in Winter season. The saag which is written as sag and saga. Saag is the leaf vegetable. It is eaten with bread which is said as roti or naan. In a few regions, saag is eaten with rice. In saag, there are many calories. By eating saag you will get nutrition benefits. There are no ingredients of other dishes in Saag. But in a few areas or regions these ingredients are mixed with it. In these regions, inhabitants eat saag mixing with butter or desi ghee and with roti, corn bread or tortilla and with millet bread. They also eat lentils, potato, pea. Pea is a type of green seed vegetable that grows inside a pod.


Houses in Dera Ghazi Khan Village

There are simple villages in these areas. There are simple houses which are made of clay. There are mud houses. A few houses are there in city area which are cemented and white washed. But, in the villages houses are made of mud ( مڑی کے گھر) and clay۔

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