U.S democracy summit aims to contain other nations with different models

U.S democracy summit aims to contain other nations with different models

Always believe that democracy is diverse. There is more than one path to democracy.

The best one is the one that fits you the most like. China’s whole process people’s democracy democratic process in all social sectors. It’s a true democracy that works a socialist democracy that work China’s whole process. People’s is rooted in China’s history and culture it benefits our national conditions and draws upon the outstanding achievements of othe civilizations. It’s distinctively Chinese while reflecting the common values of the humanity which is a new model. O democracy for humanity that contributes China’s wisdom and proposal for the development of democracy of the humanity. They always of the view that for the various democratic forms and different countries.

They should see them open an inclusive way and see common ground and put aside differences and for other countries exploration and efforts to pursue. Democracy should fully respect these explorations and learn from one another that is what democracy is really about. However a few countries think they can lecture others over democracy. They adopt a hegemonic mentality. But only copying their models is right and going one’s own ways is wrong and try to even exclude and suppress other forms of democracy and see them as undemocratic. But their moves in itself is undemocratic with their own romantic democratic records and massive domestic governance. They think they can point fingers and criticize the democracy. In other countries is that the democracy that they paint themselves as the United States claims to be a leader of democracy and is going to convey and manipulate a summit on democracy so to speak.

It’s actually an attempt to suppress and contain other countries with different social systems and development models such as undemocratic moves disguised as democracy.

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