Sudan’s Military to reinstate ousted PM Abdalla Hamdok

Sudan’s military and civilian leaders have reached a deal to reinstate the ousted prime minister Abdalla Hamdok. He was forced out in a coup nearly a month ago. The army says Hamdok will lead a new independent cabinet.

But the main opposition grouping the forces of freedom and change says it won’t recognize any deal with the military for more than three weeks. Sudan has been rocked by protests some of them deadly. The unrest follows a military coup headed by general Abdel Fattah Burhan Derailing. The promised move towards democracy. Political opponents were detained and prime minister Abdalla Hamdok was placed under house arrest. Sudan is no stranger to Kuz in 2019. The veteran president Omar Al-bashir was overthrown by the army. He’d ruled for more than 30 years. But it seems these latest anti-coup protests have unsettled the military Abdalla. They promise will be reinstated as prime minister. The main opposition though says. It won’t recognize any government that involves the army.

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So Sudan’s main civilian opposition coalition is not in favor of this new agreement. The appointments or the mechanisms in place for them to stay on even longer and the reason. They’re doing that is because the coup in and of itself is pretty weak. So, they’re hoping that time will be a factor that will allow them to stay in and empower as much as possible of course that is only going to rile up not just the street. But even the political elites who two years ago compromised on an agreement and that saw the power sharing deal had and so. People are learning the lessons of 2019 and by and large projecting anything, any kind of political arrangement that sees members, senior members of the army. But also of the islamists that back them in government.

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