Sudanese military releases more political detainees

Sudanese military releases more political detaineesFormer Sudanese senior officials and political leaders who were detained have now been released.

This arrest was and still is unacceptable to them. They think that their absence from the world in this forced form was for an investigation on personal and partisan levels. They will carry out legal actions. The way in which they were arrested was abusive and humiliating and included a lot of violence that was in addition to the days. They spent in detention. They think the party that made the arrests must be questioned and they must be held accountable. This step would add to this agreement a silent credibility especially since the people still do not accept the measures that were taken against the constitutional document in which many articles were cancelled by Aaron Burnham and are considered by the people as a coup against the constitutional document and aku intended by the army to seize power.

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