Shooting Death of Chinese student Chicago triggers Campus Protests Over Security

Shooting Death of Chinese student Chicago triggers Campus Protests Over Security

A Chinese graduate of the university of Chicago killed in a robbery is being remembered a memorial has been held for the 24 year old Jung Shaoxing last week. He was shot dead by an 18 year old as he walked home from campus. Police say the suspect tried to pawn Jones mobile phone and laptop.

The case has prompted demands from students for better campus security. Wong Tianghui has the story. It could happen to anybody anger and anxiety in the air at the university of Chicago. Hundreds of students protesting against gun violence following the recent killing of a Chinese graduate. A group of Chinese students organized the rally. But the crowd was made up of many different nationalities and ethnic groups. Their message was clear keep us safe and secure on campus. On November 9 Zhang Zhao Zhang was shot dead on the sidewalk near the university campus in an apparent armed robbery local police say the 18 year old suspect then went to a pawn shop and stole Jung’s electronic belongings for just a hundred dollars.

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The president of the university of Chicago said the city’s violence was out of control and called for a similar government response to a public health crisis. The university community and their fellow residents of Chicago South side as well as citizens throughout Chicago see a clear and urgent need to strengthen public safety. The students are not satisfied saying not enough is being done. They cannot keep handling and accepting these milk toast responses from the university acting like hyde park is safe. It is not safe and they are doing a direct disservice to not only students but future students and their parents they need stronger firmer responses from the university and they need to demand it. Because we cannot lose any more lives.

More than 300 faculty members joined the students and signed a letter calling for real change. The city of Chicago has already seen nearly 700 homicides this year including a one-year-old toddler. According to the Chicago police department murders in the city have increased nearly 60 percent in 2021 against 2019 shootings have increased by about 67 percent. The suspect is now under arrest and charged with first degree murder armed robbery and two counts of unlawful use of a weapon.

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