Protesters rock Sudan as opposition rejects power-sharing deal

Violent protes┬áhave rocked Sudan despite a power sharing agreement reversing last month’s army coup the ousted prime minister Abdalla is returning to lead a new cabinet overseen by the military.

But the main opposition alliance says it won’t work with the army. Smoke billowed from the streets of Khartoum as hundreds of protesters spilled into the city. They gathered after Sudan’s military signed a deal with ousted prime minister Abdalla Hamdok that will see him reinstated. Police forces responded with tear gas demonstrators oppose the military’s involvement in politics. They say this new arrangement does not represent them during this protest. You can hear us saying that the revolution is for the people. Power is for the people and the military should go back to their barracks. They want the exclusion of the military from the political process and they want a purely civilian government his willingness to sit down with the killers is a betrayal of their revolution.

Protesters have been taking to the streets to oppose the takeover. Dozens died in clashes with police and military forces Hamdok was released from house arrest shortly before signing the deal. He will lead a new civilian cabinet until elections are held. However it is unclear.

The result of the work from the last three or four weeks of those who care for this nation as well as their regional and international allies. They would like to express their gratitude to everyone.

There on the streets his thanks fall on deaf ears protesters will keep pushing for Sudan free of military rule. The situation is darker and they are expecting a very bad and fragile situation.

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