Parizaad Episode 23 | What happened in Episode 23?

Parizaad Episode 23 Review

Episode 23 Air Date: 21-Dec-2021

Finally, Parizaad consents to allow Annie to make a model of him, causing Annie a deep sense of’s enjoyment. In the mean time, Lubna welcomes Parizaad over to assist her with the music and verse of the film in making. Intrigued by the distress found in the singing young lady’s voice, Parizaad consents to let her sing for the film. Afterward, seeing the singing young lady’s dad and herself hanging tight for a taxi, he chooses to drop them off since it’s now excessively dull without any indication of any traffic.

Parizaad runs over one of his lifelong companions Nasaaz, who’s likewise an artist thus the two of them review their accounts and talk till promptly toward the beginning of the day. Thereafter, Parizaad welcomes Naheed to his office where he gives her a promotion for a task for Majid while mentioning her not to tell any other person. Kanwal is intrigued by Parizaad’s consideration for Naheed even subsequent to cutting off all ties between them. With the model finished, Annie welcomes Parizaad over who is shaken by the excellent piece of workmanship made by somebody who can’t see.

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