Operation Tests of Beijing 2022 Village conclude successfully

Operation Tests of Beijing 2022 Village conclude successfully

One of the three winter Olympic villages is in Beijing city proper with 20 department buildings. It can accommodate more than 2 200 athletes and officials during the games. Each apartment is spacious with up to 5 people living in separated county rooms.

It controls the resting and sleeping positions. It’s quite new and really impressive. The village has convenient areas for canteen service shopping and workouts. These would give villagers time to enjoy amenities before and after the games. Athletes from diverse cultural backgrounds will have a very large menu a total of 678 dishes would be offered in a rotation with 200 would be made available daily and during the games. The counting service would be 24 hours. They’ve got a lot of choice. So, there’s something for everyone and all foods have passed strict tests on their security and foodborne stimulants. These measures start at the very beginning of growing the foods. The shopping area is like big mall with cafes, restaurants postal offices, surveillance shops and convenience stores.

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They offer multiple recreational choices even in a close to loop to prevent and control Coronavirus pandemic and the medical prevention measures are in place and being tested to make sure that everyone’s safety is protected. If anyone is tested positive and has symptoms, he or she will be sent to a hospital to receive medical treatment. If there are no symptoms that person will be sent for medical observation outside the village as the winter Olympics and Paralympics games approach the Beijing. Olympic village and two others in Beijing’s inching district and Zhang Zako in Kobe province will have further installations and improvements based on rounds of testing.

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