Migrant Crisis : One Family’s Desperate efforts to reach the EU from Eastern Europe

By | November 19, 2021

Migrant Crisis: One Family’s Desperate efforts to reach the EU from Eastern Europe

Across Eastern Europe from Belarus to the Balkans people fleeing conflict and poverty are trying to reach the European Union. One popular route into the EU is through Bosnia and Herzegovina into Croatia. According to the UN since 2018 some 75,000 migrants have moved through Bosnia Herzegovina into neighboring countries.

One couple from Afghanistan and their two-year-old daughter who’ve tried over and over again to reach the EU near the croatian border. A refugee family is waiting to cross.

There was a man which name was Akram. Akram was a television engineer in Kabul. Zakhra was a policewoman in herrat. But fled in 2016. Baby Sarah was born in Greece where the family had a previous asylum request denied. They are countryless. They are illegally all the world.

They say they’ve been pushed back from Croatia 39 times once they allege with force.

Who will help us the life become like a hell for them. Some migrants wait in abandoned factories from which they can easily reach the border at night. Others in temporary reception centers like this run by the United Nations.

Many of the migrants themselves being returned back. They see that they’ve been deprived of their shoes. They’ve been deprived of their basic goods and sometimes really of their dignity. The Croatian government didn’t respond to a request for comment, but has already denied a policy of pushbacks and says it upholds its legal obligations to asylum seekers. Three policemen were suspended after being accused of violence against migrants. But only the snows due here soon are likely to slow the desperate attempts to reach the EU.

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