Kyle Rittenhouse: Teen Shooter found not guilty over Kenosha Killings

Kyle Rittenhouse: Teen Shooter found not guilty over Kenosha Killings

A U.S jury has cleared teenager Kyle Rittenhouse of all charges in a dramatic trial that has become a flashpoint in the nation’s debate over guns and racial injustice.

The 18-year-old broke down as the verdict was read. He could have faced life in prison after shooting dead two people and seriously wounding a third during a black lives matter protest last year. The case has divided opinion in the U.S with critics and supporters gathering outside the courthouse in anticipation of today’s verdict was it an act of self-defense or gratuitous violence that was a question faced by 12 jurors. As the U.S awaited the verdict of Kyle Rittenhouse. He was just 17 years old when he shot dead two people and injured a third in Kenosha Wisconsin last August protests swept through the city after police shot a black man Jacob Blake leaving him partially paralyzed.

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It came just three months after the murder of George Floyd an incident that stunned the world and left America reeling sparking a wave of anti-racism demonstrations at the height of the covid pandemic Rittenhouse said. He was there to protect property and provide first aid. He traveled there from neighboring illinois with a semi-automatic rifle reportedly given to him by a friend protesters in support of and against Rittenhouse gathered outside Kenosha county courthouse in the run-up to the verdict. The judge had pleaded with the jury to set aside political and public commentary and focus strictly on the facts. But in a case that crystallized the country’s polarizing views on the issues of race police violence and growing vigilantism. Today’s outcome has implications far beyond those for Kyle Rittenhouse.

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Since there is a verdict now and the verdict is not guilty. All those bids are not relevant anymore because Kyle Rittenhouse is now unguilty on all counts.

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