India Prime Minister Narendra Modi Repeals Controversial Farm Laws

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi Repeals Controversial Farm Laws

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has announced the scrapping of agricultural reform laws that have been the cause of a year of protest by hundreds of thousands of farmers. The measures allowed growers to sell produce beyond government regulated markets. But they hurt small farmers who took to the streets in large numbers. Hundreds of people are thought to have died in clashes with police in an address to the nation. A short while ago Mr. Modi said the government had been unable to convince some farmers of the benefits of the three laws today while apologizing to the countrymen.

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The truth which was as evident as the light of the lamp. You can imagine some of the reaction of this incredibly unexpected u-turn. It’s a big day for the farmers in India as the prime minister narendra modi announced this morning to repeal the three farm laws that were enacted by the Indian parliament. The farmers are protesting these laws saying that these laws will pay way for the corporate sector into agriculture and that is why the protests they continued.

It was a long stalemate because several rounds of dialogues between pharma organizations and the government. They practically failed to reach to any conclusion and today being the birth anniversary of Sikh Guru Guru Nanak Dev the 552nd birth anniversary. It’s a big gift from the government as the farmers say how are you feeling. It’s a great auspicious day for them as a farmer they are really happy.

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