Fresh Protests in Europe against new COVID-19 restrictions

Protesters in Austria calling for freedom. It’s a message being made loud and clear across Europe. The anger stems from new measures to combat. The continent’s latest surge those voicing outrage see the policies as an attack on their civil liberties.

This is a cronovirus dictorship. Austria was the first country in Western Europe to reimpose lockdown restrictions. Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg also announced it would be the first in the world to make vaccines compulsory. Austria has one of the lowest vaccination rates in Western Europe. This will begin February 1st 2022 substantially increasing vaccination rates. and they agree on. This is only way out of this vicious cycle of virus waves and lockdown discussions once and for all. They don’t want a fifth wave. They don’t want the sixth and seventh wave. The move sparked Saturday’s protests critics in Austria are denouncing such measures as an attack on self-determination.

 Covid Austria: Thousands protest vaccine mandate

It was after the government floated requiring health workers and other federal employees to get vaccinated. Not even half of the country has received both jabs. The world health organization for weeks has been voicing its concern over the growing numbers. Its weekly report published Tuesday found the region is the only in the world seeing an increase in deaths European leaders have been rolling out new measures like vaccine passports and mandates to curb fatalities and free up intensive care units. The resulting outrage has presented a new challenge. How to combat a pandemic without further dividing a public already exhausted by lockdowns and restrictions.

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