EU Countries differ in approaches to Coronavirus with different results

In Brussels thousands of people have rallied against their regulations and a possible vaccine mandate. There have also been demonstrations in other European countries including Austria, the Netherlands and Croatia.

That’s why these demonstrations governments are looking at curbing the fourth wave with lockdowns and restrictions. Coronavirus cases are seemingly out of control in some countries. In Europe, but huge differences exist in infection rates across the continent Spain and Italy, two countries hit hard at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 are coping with this latest Coronavirus weave relatively. Well it’s a very different picture in Germany or neighboring Austria where a national lockdown begins on Monday. Who has warned Europe to act fast to avoid thousands of growing up virus deaths.

In many other countries in Western Europe such as Spain and Italy or Ireland where the number of people who are vaccinated is around the 80 mark or even higher in some cases whereas in germany it’s not even at 70 percent. So, that’s one area. But then again there are also differences in. There is huge differences in with regards to. For example mask wearing depending on where you are now. Two countries that very well Ireland and Spain will be two good examples. Two countries with high vaccination rates.

But two countries with very different approaches to mask wearing and other social distancing measures in Spain. It’s quite common for people to still wear at their masks even on the street in many instances indoors. For example people still wear their masks and in fact the Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez even said that the best way to beat this pandemic is by a combination of having very high vaccination rates which they do and people still wearing masks as well which is something that when you compare it two countries like Germany or Austria we’re not seeing to the same degree. So that’s essentially what’s happening exactly.

 We have to learn from this is that the facts that the vaccines are not the only solution to dealing with this situation. In germany and in austria and for example in neighboring countries like the Czech republic and the vaccination rate needs to increase drastically. Medics have been saying that the difference between having close to 70 percent of the population vaccinated and 80 which is the case and and even higher in Portugal and Spain is vast.

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