Dutch Police clash with anti-lockdown rioters

Protesters in rotterdam responding to the partial lockdown imposed in the Netherlands police used water cannon and fired warning shots.

At least two people were injured. Restrictions here began on Monday and are set to be in place for another two weeks. At least like many countries in Europe the Netherlands has seen a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases in Austria. A 20-day lockdown will start this Monday. People will be asked to work from home and non-essential shops will close in February covered vaccinations will become compulsory.

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An unfortunate collusion of the fact that people have a fairly low vaccination rate in the population and that the waning of immunity hits Austria now. Six months after they started their vaccination program and that is unfortunately right at the beginning of the winter season where people are moving indoors in Germany. Covid-19 cases are also rising sharply. The government is set to introduce restrictions for unvaccinated people in areas where hospital admissions exceed a certain level as for the prospects of a full lockdown.

The German government says nothing has been ruled out in the UK yesterday. Just over 44,000 new people tested positive for Coronavirus over the week. There was a 13 increase in cases compared to the previous seven days between the 9th and 15th of November just over 6,000 people were admitted to hospital with covid-19 that’s a fall of four and a half percent compared to the previous seven days at the moment. The uk is not witnessing the surge in cases being seen in some other countries. The highest levels of overall immunity in Europe and it’s over 90 amongst 20+ years old and approaching that level in children. As well now so that is quite a different situation to many countries. In Europe including Austria and Germany who didn’t have as bad first waves or second waves and didn’t have their significant Delta Wave either with a new wave hitting parts of Europe. It’s clear this winter covid will again present many challenges. Infection rates will be closely monitored to see.

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The police had to scale up their presence. Police units from all over the country were brought in. There are eight right police units in Rotterdam that is about 400 officers excluding arrest teams and officers on horseback. So that is quite a strong police presence. The police have been attacked by rioters on several occasions. The police officers had to draw their weapons to defend themselves. Some aimed shots were fired and people got hurt as a result as far as we know now seven people were injured.

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