Doubts over Email allegedly from missing Chinese Tennis star Peng Shuai

Doubts over Email allegedly from missing Chinese Tennis star Peng Shuai

The head of the women’s Tennis association has said that he finds it hard to believe that an email released by Chinese state media and attributed to the Tennis star Pong Shui is authentic. The former wimbledon and French open doubles champion has not been heard from since she made a sexual assault allegations against a former vice premier of China.

It popped up overnight, it’s the first communications apparently from pong shui. It starts with the words hello everyone even though it was purportedly sent to Steve Simon. The man in charge of the women’s tennis association. It goes on to say that the allegations made against that vice premier a couple of weeks ago. It says they are false. It says though she is safe she’s not hiding everything is fine. She says apparently in this email attributed to her. She says she is at home resting now.

There are suspicions though for numerous reasons about the authenticity of this email. It popped up overnight and an image was put on social media and that’s one arm of state media here the opening words hello everyone are odd for an email address to a single man. There is a cursor as well on one of the lines you can see in the image so that’s led to suspicions that in fact it is a screenshot so many questions unanswered questions and the most strongest coming really from Steve Simon that man in charge of the wta who said he finds it hard to believe.

It is from her and he has called on the authorities here to find out where she is check. She’s okay. But also go back to her original allegations. The allegations that she was forced to have bad thing with that vice premier before a consensual relationship between the two of them followed.

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