Cyprus: Migrants stranded in No Man’s Land

The scars of the war are still visible even now almost 50 years later for years visitors have been able to move freely between the Turkish North and Greek South of the Island. The green line a buffer zone dividing both is controlled by the U.N.

The two people are there which story is given here. NJ Grace and Dania Ejuba however are stuck. The two Cameroonians have been camped out in Nicosia’s No-man’s Land. Since the springs and Grace who wants to remain anonymous fled the political unrest in their Homeland. They reached the North of the island via Turkey. But their goal was to reach the republic of Cyprus in the South which is EU territory. But the authorities there say they’re overwhelmed referring to 36,000 illegal immigrants and say its two reception centers are full. If they allow these two people to submit for asylum. He is 100 convinced that the next day all, these people that they are trying now to cross regularly. The green line will come by buses Karitas a Catholic relief agency runs an office near the buffer zone. There’s a line of people waiting for help who managed to cross into the South. But they aren’t much better off than the two stranded Cameroonians. Many of them are homeless without accommodation really everything falls apart. They will struggle with food. They will have with no sanitation. They will face medical problems. They will not have safety they will be exposed to violence and it all just snowballs into one big problem.

Meanwhile many Greek Cypriots are feeling increasingly hostile towards the new arrivals. It’s a catastrophe for Cyprus. They are a small Island and immigrants are coming without an end now. The government plans to suspend the right to asylum a fundamental right in the European Union. There has been a trend a number of instances that have been observed since may 2020 of boats being returned back to the country of this of embarkation. These were cases that concerned Syrian refugees coming from Lebanon grim prospects for Ajuba and Grace who remain stranded. UN workers and volunteers from both sides continue to provide the couple with bare essentials. The food they are giving them is difficult to digest for them. They manage but it’s not easy. They want those in charge to finally help us leave this place Ejuba would like to study in Cyprus. But so far all attempts to bring about a solution have failed and their weight in No Man’s Land continues.

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