Covid Austria: Thousands protest vaccine mandate

A national lockdown comes into force in Austria on Monday. The government says that restrictions are essential to contain a devastating surge in covid-19 infections.

Now thousands of activists including a large contingent of far-right supporters have gathered in Vienna in protest at the crackdown just under two-thirds of the population are fully vaccinated. One of the lowest rates in Western Europe Austria will become the first European nation to make vaccinations compulsory from February another lockdown and a vaccine mandate. They might be a tough sell. But these are the tools Austria’s chancellor says will end restrictions once and for all increasing the vaccination rate is our only way to break out of this vicious cycle of viral waves and lock down discussions for good. They don’t want a fifth wave. They don’t want the sixth and the seventh wave faced with low vaccination rates and a fourth wave of the virus Austria has taken drastic action.

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This lockdown will initially last for 10 days. But it may be extended getting the jab will become compulsory from February next year. Covid-19 infections are at their highest level since the pandemic began and hospitals are once again buckling under the pressure not everyone is in agreement with the measures being rolled out across the country. This is a sign of the complete failure of the federal government because of the months, they did not act. They are now responsible for the fact that Austrians are once again locked in both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. They have also pointed out in the past days that measures like contact restrictions are required. But this lockdown is very harsh and does not differ from one year ago and some people are unwilling to comply with a vaccine mandate interference with personal rights that’s not good.

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That is really not acceptable. Everyone has the right to make their own decision. The vaccine mandate is a no-go for them with the festive season right around the corner. Many Austrians are in no mood to go back to restrictions. But the hope for a normal christmas is looking more and more like a distant dream. Austria is the first European country to declare a renewed lockdown. The first to mandate vaccines.

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