China issues first white paper on export controls

China issues first white paper on export controls

The 9,000 world white paper on China’s export controls provides an overview of China’s position institutions and practices in improving export control governance and challenging geopolitical pandemic and economic circumstances.


It also elaborates on China’s commitments and actions to safeguard world peace and development as well as security at the national and international levels export controls as a standard international practice involve prohibitive or restrictive measures on the export of certain goods technologies and services to safeguard national security and interests and fulfill international obligations. Such as the nuclear non-proliferation treaty in a while paper. China says it is employing a holistic approach to national security and export controls. China firmly stands banned international export control system centered around the U.N and international order and underscored by international law.


China upholds multilateralism in export controls. It opposes the abuse by any country or organization of measures. In this regard China believes that global export control measures should be fair and non-discriminatory and should not undermine the legitimate rights of other countries to peaceful use of controlled items. The white paper also reveals China’s continuous efforts to improve its legal and regulatory systems for export controls. Since the 1990s China has promulgated six administrative regulations in October 2020 China also passed the export control law setting a basic framework for it in the country in the third part. The whitepaper looks at China’s efforts to modernize the export control system. China has improved license management by establishing an inter-agency consultation mechanism and a two-tier management model. This system ensures efficient cooperation among government agencies and enterprises nationwide and the licenses can be proved in a week with regards to international cooperation. The white paper notes that China has been deeply involved in bilateral exchanges and strengthening multilateral dialogue on export controls.


China has maintained bilateral consultations with the U.S, Russia, the Uk, France, Germany and the EU. It also supports non-governmental exchanges between Chinese and foreign institutions in terms of multilateral dialogue China prioritizes communication while human export control mechanisms. China believes the U.N should play a central role in finding the right balance between non-proliferation and peaceful uses and in safeguarding the legitimate rights of developing countries to peaceful uses of technological advances. China actively participates in global cooperative mechanisms and implementing relevant U.N resolutions China calls on all countries to work together to strengthen international cooperation and build sound export control governance as part of a creating a global community with a shared future.

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