China: Highest number of Coronavirus cases since Wuhan outbreak

China: Highest number of Coronavirus cases since Wuhan outbreak

Staying in China, the country has recorded its fourth rise in new Coronavirus cases in a row that’s despite some 13 Million people already under lockdown. In the country’s Shanxi province the spike in cases there has produced China’s highest infection rates since the Pandemic’s very first outbreak in Wuhan.


It’s been almost two years since China has seen the streets of major cities deserted. But once again millions are back under lockdown. Authorities widened the restrictions across Shanxi province on Tuesday as they grapple with the country’s biggest outbreak since the initial months of the pandemic. China has pursued a zero tolerance approach rolling out mass testing and Draconian lockdowns for relatively small outbreaks in Shanxi’s capital city of Sian. 13 Million residents are under strict Stay-at-home orders. After reporting less than 200 daily infections they have quickly adopted containment measures for these risk areas. The implementation of various measures will help to effectively control the outbreak despite administering almost three Billion Jabs. Initial research shows the locally produced Synovac offers limited protection against the Omicron Variant. The Beijing Winter Olympics are set to start in just over a month with only spectators from Mainland China permitted to attend with diplomatic boycotts already being announced. Beijing will be eager to ensure that COVID-19 outbreaks don’t further chill the already frosty atmosphere.


There will be a very strict covid bubble during the games to seal off. The athletes and the journalists from the rest of the population. The global pandemic France has announced a record number of new Coronavirus infections. Authorities counted almost 1,800,00 new cases in 24 hours. New cases are soaring in Australia as well health officials in new South Wales warn that the sudden outbreak is overwhelming. Testing centers causing long queues and delays in receiving test results and the who has warned that the Omicron Variant still poses a very high risk and could overwhelm health systems.

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