China Condemns Western Contries’ “irresponsible” remarks in Hong Kong on election

China has condemned what it calls irresponsible remarks by certain Western countries about Sunday’s Legislative Council election in Hong Kong and on Monday.

The group of seven foreign ministers said in the joint statement that they were concerned over what they call the erosion of democratic elements of Hong Kong’s electoral system and they said the changes to the region’s electoral system introduced earlier this year undermined Hong Kong’s autonomy and five eyes countries and EU high representative issued similar statements. The Chinese foreign ministry responded that the changes to Hong Kong’s electoral system are necessary for the full implementation of one country two systems. The principle of a pages administering Hong Kong and the development of democracy in the region.

It said the election process was fair open and clean and the democratic rights of voters were fully respected and it asked Western countries to stop meddling in China’s internal affairs. China also denounced sanctions by the U.S. On five officials of the LEO Zone office of the central government in Hong Kong saying it violates international law and interferes in China’s internal affairs.

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