Austria back in full COVID-19 lockdown despite protests as cases surge

No Austria has returned to a full national lockdown because of its rising number of coronaviruse infections. Austrians have been told to work from home and non-essential shops have been closed at the same time. Protests against new restrictions have been growing in several European countries especially in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

The EU is now considering vaccinations for children over the age of five. It approved jabs for the over 12 in May. The economic effects of COVID-19 those rising gas prices people here in Europe. Say they’re in need of some seasonal cheer. So, no government wants to be seen to be cancelling Christmas and that they say is why they’re taking these covered measures. Now but what measures well that varies from country to country and region to region Bavaria has cancelled its Christmas markets. Brussels is giving it a good go. The European commission has nothing to say here because when it comes to health each EU member state decides for themselves this weekend. There were protests some violent against new COVID-19 restrictions in Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Croatia and Belgium. Pressure is mounting in Europe on the health services as well as the streets. The World Health Organization warns there could be half a million more deaths there by springtime unless effective action is taken.

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