Aur Life HD and Aur Life Frequency on Apstar7 and Paksat-1R 2022

Aur Life HD and Aur Life Frequency on Apstar7 and Paksat-1R 2022

Aur Life is another sent off channel which is news and diversion channel. This channel was sent off on week prior. This station was sent off on Satellite Paksat-1R. Paksat-1R is a Pakistani satellite for TV stations. This channel is currently sent off authoritatively and not began its transmission routinely. Aur Life HD is presently developing and going well known. This channel will be extremely popular in future since it has full HD video quality. It has goal of 1920×1080. This station just will deal with hd recevers and links. This station is still allowed to air on any collector and on links. Assuming that you haven’t tuned this current station’s recurrence then, at that point, ask your link administrators.

Aur Life HD and Aur News HD Latest Frequency on Apstar7

Channel Name:



Satellite Name: ApStar-7

Direction: @76.5 East

Frequency: 3865

Polarity: Vertical

Symbol Rate: 5600

Video Quality: MPEG4/HD

Status: FTA Started

Aur Life HD Frequency on Paksat-1R

Here is frequency and satellite information for your help.

Aur Life New Frequency

Channel Name : Our Life HD

Satellite Name : Paksat-1R

Direction : 38.0° East

Frequency : 4174

Symbol Rate : 3147

Polarity : Horizontal

Video Quality : MPEG-4 HD

Encryption : No

Package : No

Status : FTA

Video :1920×1080

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