100 Days of Taliban rule in Afghanistan

In Dashabarachi which is a predominantly Sheer Hazara community and the majority of the people standing are laborers. They’re waiting to see if there’s any work for them. The Taliban took over a country that was very much reliant on international aid when the taps were turned off.

The economy virtually collapsed foreign security is one of the biggest concerns for the community. It was just six months ago that a major attack was launched on the Sahid Al-shahada school a girls school and the islamic state harassan or isk claimed responsibility. Almost 100 girls lost their lives one of the bombs went off just behind me another over there and then a third went off over there it was designed to kill as many girls as possible that attack happened under the old regime. But isk has continued to target Afghanistan’s shia community Muhammad Amir Al-imzad’s two daughters were caught up in that attack. He thought he had lost them the Taliban have promised security for all Afghans. But many there say they still don’t feel safe. As we try and interview the head teacher the boys make it very clear they’re allowed back. But across this country most teenage girls are not since the Taliban took over they’ve been told to wait at home until there’s a nationwide policy.

Millions of girls across this country are waiting to hear from them foreign even before the Taliban came to power. There was a humanitarian crisis in this. So weak she can barely open her eyes. This is the award where some of the most severely malnourished children are being looked after It’s not just patient suffering.

Healthcare staff haven’t been paid for months something every single person i’m speaking to has the same story they can’t pay for their ticket to come there. They can’t pay for their food there and she was just saying that someday they may have to admit her as a malnutrition patient herself because she doesn’t know where she’s going to get her next meal from.

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